Selas (as we call ourselves) is an international, full-service marketing and opinion research firm located in Istanbul, TURKEY.

In business, we all have “burning issues.” These are the critical crossroads in the decision process that impact our course of action, budget allocations and overall direction. Sometimes we are too close to an issue to find the answer ourselves, or to even know what factors may be at play…

● Why are sales flat in that part of the country only?
● Will a merger help or hinder our individual brands?
● Does this brand name work in Thailand and Brazil?
● What’s the potential for our new product geographically? Demographically?
● Should we settle our pending lawsuit or trust a jury?
● Why are voters so negative on our proposition?
● At what level should building systems communicate?
● Will our members buy into this media campaign?
● What do our customers really think of us?


Our mission is to discover the answers to your burning issues.