Next Generation Online Research Platform
Decreased Cost
Our video interview technology create great cost efficiency than traditional research methods.
Regardless of Location
Touch your customer without borders. Video interviews speed up your time to market process without going to your market location.
Advanced Quality
Global recruiting with no “participant pool”. Our targeted customer finding approach lead to quality insight.
Video Interview
Speak up to 8 simultaneous participant and get recorded videos of the sessions.
Live Translation
Get live translation for major languages, remove language barriers with your customers.
Global Recruitment
Recruit with our unique approach and reach your global customer.
Emotion Analysis
Uncover the emotional power of your contents. No special equipment or extra processing required.
Screen Sharing
Display any stimuli to participants simultaneously. Get your customer experience while they discover your digital contents like website.
Machine or human generated searchable transcripts
Video Self Introduction
Show your contents (video advertisement, images, package, statements) to customer, get video response without moderation.
Video In-depth Interview
Gather detailed insight by interview your global customer.
Video Focus Group
Reach your global customer and recruit with our unique approach.