Accurate, appropriate research findings and actionable recommendations are the goals of every research project Selas undertakes. That means we tailor both the methodology and analysis of each study to the client’s individual situation and needs.

First, we will ask you…

● What is your burning issue?
● What do you want to learn from the research?
● What course of action will you consider once you find the information you need?
● What do you know already in terms of demographics, previous primary research or secondary research?
● What is your budget? Your resources?


● We discuss possible methodologies, pros and cons, and recommend the appropriate data collection technique and analytical tests for your study.
● We establish a timetable, research technique, process, results analysis format and budget that are mutually agreeable.
● We collaborate at the level that is most appropriate for you, whether that means explaining each step of the process, collaborating with an internal research department or delivering a turn key, comprehensive report when the project is done.
● We conduct extensive statistical pre-testing when appropriate to insure ambiguities are eliminated and that we understand the implications of the findings.
● We conduct the study.


● When the research is completed, we present the findings in the format that best suits your internal needs.
● Completed written reports include:

      · Detailed explanations of methodology,
      · Banner charts and/or data crosstabs,
      · Question by question analysis of responses by demographic group,
      · Graphs, perceptual maps and other visual representation of data, and
      · An Executive Summary with recommendations.

● Data storage is also available through our website. The complete research data can be stored on our secure server with password protection for access only by the client. Access the data anytime and anywhere for preparing presentations, slides, reports or comparative analysis with other data. Click here for an example of what your data access site could look like.