Data collection is the backbone of SELAS. With techniques ranging from international phone surveys to in-person interviews at your location, we have the skill and resources to get the job done. Our new DBASE, CATI programmed phonebank boasts a staff of 75-100 interviewers including a diverse pool of international callers. We have the ability to find out what your customers think from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan, Turkey to Greece. Any hour of the day or night, we’re ready. Our proven methods of continuous training coupled with a 3-point quality-control check makes us confident that you won’t find better interviewers anywhere.

Our data collection capabilities go beyond the walls of SELAS’ office; we also host the only mall facility in our region. Managed by our Director of Field Service, Aynur YIGIT, SELAS’ mall office performs tens of intercept studies with thousands of respondents every year. But the mall is just the tip of the iceberg. Our team of professional in-person interviewers is ready to tackle any challenge. We have the people and tools available to make even the toughest job a success.

Focus group recruiting is another one of our specialties. Making the respondent interested and excited about participating in your research study is just one of the areas our callers excel in. Getting participants to actually show up is another. Clients continue to rely on our first-rate recruiting services for projects ranging from in-home product placements to focus groups with doctors and lawyers.

The moment anyone— clients, vendors, participants, and even people just asking for directions—step through our door, our goal is to make them feel comfortable and welcome. For your convenience, we have a full-service hosting staff available for your needs. Aside from the ordinary participant check in/out and incentive delivery, we also provide in-house catering by our own culinary expert and head hostess,

Home-cooked meals not only have clients coming back for the excellent service, but for seconds as well. We also provide on-site child care for groups when parents may need to bring their children. No matter how many groups you may have planned, our staff is always here to attend to your needs, be it making additional copies of participant screeners or handling your phone calls. We have a host/hostess on duty at all times during your groups, not just when respondents are checking in and out. While the group is in session, the primary duty of the hosting staff is to monitor the video/audio taping equipment, or, if you wish, an operator will remotely manipulate the camera panning and zooming to collect every expression and gesture.

We know that conducting business away from the office is hard enough; that’s why we commit ourselves to making your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. It’s no wonder why our clients keep coming back: it’s almost like a mini-vacation.

Among the best and most prominent features of our new facility are our three focus group/meeting rooms and our client observation areas, offices and lounges. We have a room that is perfect for any situation you can imagine. For large groups like mocktrials or annual company meetings, a custom-built retractable wall that separates two of our rooms slides back to create one room that can accommodate over 50 people in classroom style seating. For large numbers of clients, we have a specially designed two-tiered observation room that holds as many as 20 viewers. With our streaming-video technology, you don’t even have to be in the country to watch your group. Hosted by our own server, we can digitally transmit your focus group to any point on the World Wide Web.

We also offer client lounge/office areas for eating meals, relaxing, or catching up on work back at the office. Each client suite has its own phone and data port to make telecommuting that much easier. Our technological advancements don’t stop there. We can provide any number of visual accompaniments for your focus group or meeting: computer screen projection equipment or a TV and VCR are available upon request. Each room is equipped with all of the standards you expect: dry erase boards, easels with 3M paper for hanging notes around the room, and a chair rail for positioning large 2-D visuals. If you have additional requests, you need only ask. Selas: setting the standard for what should expect from a research partner.