Reached the pinnacle of today’s competitive environment has become an increasingly important sector of the researcher day by day. Especially in countries dominated by economic uncertainty, such as Turkey, additional investment determines the lives of the course company, product diversification, new product launch, will make the biggest support strategic decisions, such as entering new markets “MARKET RESEARCH” provides. Our country’s ongoing political instability, political parties, but the pulse of the people “PUBLIC OPINION RESEARCH” and can hold.

Research industry as well as advertising and promotional activities are also indispensable elements for any organization. Themselves and work with the ad companies to promote their products they need. Because you will not be able to sustain the existence of an organization to make the advertising and promotion.

Research and advertising. Complementary and vital to all organizations in this field, success and achieve real results, but very attentive, honest and be able to work in the best way. Although some companies are always conducted a research and promotional activities in-house specialized in these subjects, different and will require an independent organization that can look through an objective look. SELAS, the best service provider to these issues, has been established to be the fastest and most accurate way.

Based on this, the organization, our integrity, our team of experts and our excellent organization, reducing the margin of error to a minimum, reliable, and we pioneered advertising in Turkey with high quality research, we make the impossible, and we believe we are in a different line.

Customers request to developing appropriate strategies, working as a part of the companies we serve, sense of responsibility that we carry in every phase of the study due to the close dialogue we have established, we are committed to achieving the best results in every respect with our wide range of services.

The main feature that separates us from other companies SELAS; research, promotion, all requests that may come our clients in advertising and public relations issues in our efforts to fulfill perfectly.